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Below we have an invite link for our Official Discord Server, with chatroom and areas to discuss the show and … More other related topics. The link below never expires, simply click and you’ll get an invite box in your Discord window, see you ponies there! I hope you guys can see the pics. First batch of mlp merch for sale. Every now and then i just weed out my … More collections. So dont be worried xp ill get some better photos of the dash collection when i get home. First batch of pones for sale!

Meet the grown man so obsessed with My Little Pony he’s spent thousands on bizarre hobby

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Meet the Bristol Bronies – the men who love My Little Pony

By Sadie Whitelocks. A Brony Tale , which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, features one man named Steven who says he often gets mistaken for a ‘pedophile’ or ‘big old man child’ as he goes shopping for his favorite pastel-colored ponies. Scroll down for video. Underground phenomenon: A new film focuses on men who are obsessed with the girl-orientated toy-turned-cartoon series My Little Pony and proudly refer to themselves as ‘Bronies’.

But a fellow Brony known as DustyKatt, who works as a welder, motorcycle mechanic and bodyguard insists that there is nothing strange about his predilection for animal toys. That’s it.

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You ought to think about doing one on fanfiction. It’s not entirely out of the question. My social anxiety would probably come into play, though. I do get involved in more informal fanfic discussions, however. Of course, it’d be entirely on you to sit up in front of the group and lead the discussion, but I could help you develop the material, if that would make it more likely you’d do it.

A Brony Tale documentary shows men obsessed with My Little Pony

The pioneers of My Little Pony styling were, surprisingly, men. But it is a new generation of female fashionistas who have sent the unlikely fad mane-stream. Now an original pop pin-up of the era, Cyndi Lauper, has gone Brony too, giving the fad the ultimate seal of approval.

Ian Taylor with some of his Brony collection. Barmy Ian Taylor, 32, from Ripley, Derbys, has spent almost five years collecting the 80s plastic toys – and even has​.

From plush toys to full-size costumes, the year-old isn’t horsing around when it comes to his My Little Pony collection. Meet Rob Harrison – a grown man so obsessed with My Little Pony he has spent thousands feeding his unusual passion. Rob is part of a legion of male fans around the world in love with the animation – a group so large they even have their own nickname ‘bronies’. He loves watching characters such as Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Applejack cantering across his screen every week.

And the mane attraction in the IT consultant’s living room includes memorabilia such as soft toys, full-sized costumes that he wears to conventions and card games. Rob, from Vancouver, Canada, admits he knows people will laugh at his obsession but insists is doesn’t bother him. He said: “I always knew people were interested in the show – I was kind of ignoring it because I thought it was a show for girls.

UK Bronies & Pegasisters

For those in lancashire, regular pony meets occur. In Liverpool, or is it liverypool? Weekly Meets on alternative Saturdays and Sundays. Technically Details on the facebook group but they don’t update it, despite meeting. Based in Bristol and Cardif this large group meets weekly, alternating between Cardif and Bristol. They are a long running group.

Welcome To Pony Town · First Date With Celestia · In One Ear And Out The Other​. Removed DeviantArt and/or links from the following stories.

I’d like to lie to you and tell you I don’t routinely Google “cosplay” but ohhhh, I do. Rainbow sleeves! But I didn’t give a shit and immediately went to find my fellow pony lovers. That guy has major talent right there. I also met a girl named Pepper. I know this sounds like the beginning to a country song, and maybe in a few weeks it will be.

Pepper asked to take a photo with me , which made me love her immediately. She had a badass dress she made herself and was seated at her booth full of her incredible My Little Pony -inspired glittery resin crafts. Here’s us looking at the photo her friend took of us. And it was then that I knew that Pepper and I would be lifelong friends. Or at least we’d follow each other on Tumblr later because she asked for my URL.

Bronies Crusaders

Summary: Derpy contemplates her life and how other peonies look down on her. We’ve somehow made it to episode That’s 5 score non-stop podcasts of this severe autism.

Welcome Welcome Welcome, to the Official website for the UK Bronies of My Little Pony, should you be a hardcore Brony, casual viewer, creative type, and don’t forget to follow our socials to stay up to date with our latest exciting news. ​.

Hey, you. You were trying to cross the border to GalaCon, right? It can be a far and treacherous road to Ludwigsburg, but you made it! Take off your boots, get comfortable. Special guests, panels, parties, workshops, plushies, competitions and more, all to gather ponies from near and far for one absolutely enchanted weekend!

Dear visitors and fans of GalaCon and Everfree Encore! After a break to reorganize and manage the effects of the Covidpandemic, we are happy to […]. Conquering new worlds: Announcing GalaConline! Boot up your modem, start your free trial of dashingly fast 56kps web access and join us on 1st August […]. Howdy, everypony! Dear Visitors, Guests and Friends of GalaCon, we have been closely monitoring the situation concerning the Covid pandemic.

Meet the ‘Bronies’: Adults who love My Little Pony

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In short, the crucible that formed the Brony fandom was a contentious online environment whose discourse was mired in gender anxieties. In MLP:FiM , Flash animation, professional voice actors and scripts written with both children and adults in mind anchor educational narratives set in the nearly all-female and nearly all-equine town of Ponyville in the land of Equestria, which is ruled by sibling Princesses Celestia and Luna. There is a complex taxonomy to this hierarchical equine culture: there are earth ponies, Pegasus ponies, unicorns, allicorns, crystal ponies and mermares.

Each episode focuses on a value such as loyalty, kindness or sincerity. No work to date, however, considers the specificity of the animal that the MLP:FiM series relies upon to convey its homilies of loyalty, friendship and personal growth to its target audience of young girls or questions its significance to Brony fan practices. In fact, Robertson asserts that the human-equine relationship is irrelevant to the emotional dynamics of the fandom and vice versa , proposing that the MLP:FiM ponies, when considered as horses, are of interest only because they reiterate gender stereotypes governing appropriate animal-human pairings.

She writes:. In assessing the Brony fandom and, in particular, its much vaunted challenge to gender norms, I find myself in disagreement with Robertson on this point. I will argue the case that the rhetoric of the Brony fandom resonates in important ways with real-world equine performances, especially therapeutic performances.

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony

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